Alexandra Lonnback for VORTEX CLOTHING
Available now at Bigcartel
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I strongly encourage all of you to wear whatever the hell is going to make you feel good about yourself 

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y’all have no idea how much I would give up to have different hair

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I just want a cute nerdy boyfriend that will watch movies with me and then we can fuck until we pass out, then wake n bake and fuck again, and when I finally leave his place I’ll be covered in hickeys that i’d wear proudly and wearing his favorite hoodie

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New kicks!

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One more

The GCC joined up luxury Savile Row brand Spencer Hart and Benedict Cumberbatch in support of No. 10’s GREAT Fashion is Great Britain campaign. Lovely photo by Sean Gleason.

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The game’s been upped. There’s so much more danger. There’s so much more risk.

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this blog is irrelevant now that we’re done. woo, no strings attached.

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